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1” Eco Track (Non-PVC)


  • 100% PVC Free
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • 100% Recyclable

In response to concern over PVC based building materials, NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. researched several plastic compounds for two years before finding a PVC Free alternative that has the same strengths and attributes as our PVC based products. A Class A Fire rating for complete compliance with the building codes was required; this was the difficult part as most plastics have very high smoke development.

Now NOVAWALL offers a completely PVC Free, Class A, 100% recyclable plastic extrusion: NOVAWALL EcoTRACK.

NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. has added EcoTRACK to their line of products to expand the choices available to the design community and specifiers.

NOVAWALL will continue to produce their standard line of PVC based products as they too have redeeming environmental qualities (durability, ease of maintenance, and 100% recyclability).

The NOVAWALL systems all have sustainable, environmentally friendly attributes depending on the components chosen for the system and can contribute to several LEED credits.

NOVAWALL Systems, Inc. has been in support of the sustainable building movement since 2002 and a member of the USGBC since 2003.